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Open For Registration

Open for registration ( Toddler -> Primary 4 )for Academic Year 2015-2016. We are the 1st IPC School in Bekasi . For more information please come and visit us in Kota Harapan Indah FE NO 1, Bekasi, West Java ( Preschool and Kindergarten )phone 021-88865770 or Kota Harapan Indah RV 2 no 9, Bekasi - West Java ( Primary school ) Phone 021-33356828 / 88987306.

Sabtu, Juli 18, 2009

Peachblossoms National Plus School

Welcome to Peachblossoms National Plus School. Everyone at Peachblossoms school looks forward to working with you and your child.

We believe that we provide a caring school community in which children can feel happy and secure.

We know that by placing an emphasis on quality teaching and learning, where children are provided with a rich, stimulating and relevant learning environment, we are creating a strong foundation on which future achievements will be built.

Not only do we want to prepare our children for the next stage of their lives, but through out their time with us we hope they become increasingly confident and independent learners. We want all our children to achieve success and return to school eagerly each day.

We place great value on a close working relationship with parents, wishing to build an effective partnership to support your children throughout their time with us.

Our Curriculum

We implement IPC ( International Primary Curriculum ) - London  ( UK )
Instruction is bilingual ( English and Bahasa) and Mandarin is the 3rd Languange to Master. Teachers facilitate and guide students using different modes of learning and multi teaching strategies to make the learning even more interesting and vivid.

a. Preschool and Kindergarten Program ( 1- 6 years )
We aim to provide children with educational experiences which will help them develop a positive approach to learning. By creating a learning environment where children feel at home, they will be more willing to explore new concepts and ideas. Self-discipline, a sense of responsibility, and respect for others are encouraged. Our aim is to contribute to children's development in all areas. This obviously requires constant communication between parents and teachers .

b. Primary Program ( 7 – 12 years )
School provides stimulating activities to build up pupil confidence and harness their natural curiosity. Children thereby achieve high levels of knowledge, skills and understanding while enjoying the learning process.
Our aim is for children to enjoy their time at school and to develop knowledge, understanding and values in order to reach their full potential in all academic and social areas of school life. Subject areas include English Language, Mathematics, Social studies , Science, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia , Information and Communications Tecnology , Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education , IPC Learning and Religion.


All Rooms are fully air conditioned , Spacious and Bright.
Library Room
Multi Media Room
Multipurpose Hall
Badminton and Basketball court
Indoor and Outdoor Playground
Canteen Hall
Art and Music Room

Choosing the right school can be a difficult decision. If you want to find out more about Peachblossoms school, please do visit us at

Kota Harapan Indah , FE no 1 ( For Preschool & Kindergarten ) phone 021-88865770
Kota Harapan Indah , RV2 no 9 ( For Primary school )phone 021-33356828 0r 021-88987306
Email : Pbs.school@yahoo.com